Caterpillar track Mini-excavator MS-TE113

Caterpillar track Mini-excavator MS-TE113

Caterpillar track Mini-excavator – MS-TE113

Here You can find all information about new Polish Caterpillar track Mini-excavator MS-TE113.

Advantages of a product:

– Projected and produced in Poland
– High quality Mini-excavator build from a mark components
– Thanks to use caterpillar track mover in Mini-excavator MS-TE113, we gain bigger stability and possibility to work in the difficult terrain.
– Small sizes and nimbleness of this Mini-excavator allow to use this machine in a situations and places, where You can’t use massive equipment.
– Surprising efficiency and strength (13 HP) in small sizes excavator (elementary versions of our Mini-machines are two times stronger than others, which You can find on the market)
– Ideal to work inside and outside of a building
– Wide range of equipment enable wide using of MS-TE113 – Reliability confirmed by big number of satisfied clients
– 12 months full manufacturer’s warranty (could be extend to even 24 months)
– Credit funding or Refinance possibility, Attractive leasing terms
– CE Certificate (Certificate of safety)
– “Off the shelf ” available

MS-TE113 Technical Data:

– Year of production: 2020
– Weight: 640 kg
– Width: 960 mm (narrow down possibility to 830 mm)
– Hydraulics (work efficiency) – 20l/min, 160bar, 2200 rpm.
– LIFAN Engine – 13 HP Pb95
– Depth of digging: 170 cm
– Launch from a starter: elementary plus emergency – line
– Hydraulic output for hammer or derrick
– Equipment: Bucket 25 cm i 40 cm, Slope bucket 80cm,

Additional options:

– LED Lights
– B&S Engine / HONDA / DIESEL 13/13/11,5
– Transport Trailer for equipment and our Mini-machine – “B” category

Also available:

– Hydraulic Breaker Hammer – Derrick
– Excavator Bucket Tooth Removal
– “Cable” Bucket 17 cm

In continuous sale: Caterpillar track Mini-loader and Circular Mini-loader.
Contact with our company now!!!! Without any risk, in JSB’s unit You will have possibility to try our Mini-machines. You can also see our products in one of our dealer’s shops, which You can find in whole Poland.

We issue VAT invoice.

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