Electric mini digger Springer-E

Electric mini digger Springer-E

Exemplary usage:

best tool for earthworks inside buildings
earthworks (sewerage, drainage, grading, foundations)
works in the garden (irrigation, swimming pools, ponds)
excavating energy and telecom cables
excavating for water or gas connections



5,5 kW 400V 3 phase electric engine – powered from electric network or electric generator with power around 10 kW
hydraulic pump
max height: 2,10 m
digging depth: 1,20 m
rotation: 360 degrees
width: 76 cm
weight: 450 kg (can be transported without E category in driver license)


Standard equipment:

bucket 20 cm wide
bucket 30 cm wide
grading bucket 60 cm wide
teeth ripper tool


Additional equipment:

– Hydraulic driller with set of drills: Ø100, Ø150, Ø200 .


Mini digger has got declaration of conformity CE.

Guarantee – 24 months.


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